Kirch Group Technology was formed in 1999 as a technology solution provider. At that time, the main purpose was to provide technology solutions to parent company (The Kirch Group, CPA / Accounting Firm) clients. KGT has always been an advocate of computer-based business solutions. The firm’s continued commitment to understanding, using and advocating business technology resulted in the development of a core competence in the application of computing technology to business.

The majority of The Kirch Group’s clients were and are still heavily reliant on computing resources as an integral part of their business. We have consistently presented itself as a capable and willing assistant to its clients in the use of computing technology. It was an easy transition into establishing Kirch Group Technology as a full-service technology consulting firm.


Kirch Group Technology, LLC has since separated from the parent company and is continuing to grow. KGT is dedicated to customer service. We are intimately familiar with the business needs of our clients, and with the application of technology to meet those needs. We have the technical expertise to provide rapid, efficient, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Our emphasis is on providing complete specialized service based on having a detailed knowledge of the client’s unique information system and problem. Market research indicates that one major criticism our type of client has of existing IT solution providers is that their consultants “don’t know enough about their system, they seem to lack experience with the basics”, to quote one of many disappointed businesses.


By capitalizing on our experience with Microsoft and Dell's product lines (among many), we will be able to both advise and direct our clients to the type of solution they will need, to get the most out of their investment in technology.

Kirch Group Technology is to become the premier provider of business solutions for information technology. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality training and customer support, and want to be recognized as the leading solution provider in the Columbus area.